Students and Nature

Finally–An Excuse To Visit The Playground!

Spring is finally here – and NWF’s Be Out There campaign has teamed up with the non-profit KaBOOM! to find 100,000 Playspaces in 100 Days – and you can earn … Read more

Relieve Your Cabin Fever

Spring and summer are my favorite seasons. I love the smells and warm weather they bring. And although winter is not cold and dreary all over the country (some people … Read more

Wildlife Watch and the Year of Astronomy

Did you know that 2009 is the International Year of Astronomy? This year was chosen because 2009 is the 400th anniversary of two major astronomical milestones. In 1609, Galileo first … Read more

Guest Blog: Bringing the Purchasing Power of the Campus to Bear: A Word from Our Partners

Ria Knapp is campaign coordinator for Climate Counts and a recent Boston University graduate. During her college years, Ria’s fervor for the outdoors turned into a passion for finding ways … Read more

Know Thy Building: Paradoxes in Heating and Cooling on Campus

To save energy and reduce your carbon footprint, you turn the thermostat down in the winter and up in the summer, right?  This is true in a small building such … Read more

Forestry Schools Trade Pat Equations for Critical Thought

From the outside, the forestry field may seem simple: cutting down trees (bad), preventing trees from being cut down (good) and planting more (also good).  But the reality of forestry … Read more

Count Down to Spring

If your family is like mine, you’re counting down the days till spring begins officially on March 21. But this month delights in unpredictable weather. Lion or lamb? How did … Read more

March 16-20 is National Wildlife Week

Research shows that families connected to nature raise healthier kids and inspire a lifelong appreciation of the outdoors. March 16-20 is National Wildlife Week. This is a great time to … Read more

50+ Nature Words Taken Out Of Dictionary

Picture this: A father and son are walking home from school. The boy bends down to blow on a dandelion. A classic image of childhood, wouldn’t you say? Once home, … Read more

Q & A with Kate Hofmann

Kate, a writer for Ranger Rick magazine, shares memories of her outdoor childhood.
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