Students and Nature

I “Heart” the Earth

Give back to the Earth for Valentine’s Day. Organize a neighborhood clean-up for play spaces, parks, or trails. Will your kids want to help? You bet. They might grouse about … Read more

Balancing Nostalgia with Efficiency

Retrofitting historical buildings for greater energy efficiency is no easy task for those also interested in faithfully preserving an aged structure. This was certainly true for the team involved in … Read more

Your Recommended Daily Allowance of Real Food

On a sunny day in October 2008, ten students marched across Brown University’s campus with a very small message for the school’s vice president. Rather, they carried hundreds of very … Read more

Finding Solutions in the First 100 Days of a New Administration

Five minutes before the meeting started, Scott Lupin, Director of the Office of Sustainability at UMD, could already see that more chairs would be needed. The room was packed, and … Read more

Communication and Finesse Crucial to Successful Temperature Setbacks

If you’re not going to be there, turn the heat down. That’s the essence of a temperature setback program. Institution-wide temperature setback programs effectively conserve energy and reduce the carbon footprint of … Read more

Happy 100th Birthday, Green Hour!

I hope somebody baked us a cake! 100 weeks ago, the National Wildlife Federation launched Green Hour, a weekly online publication for parents to help families get outside again. Chock … Read more

Upload Photos of Kids Outside!

We are working to compile the world’s largest library of photos of kids playing outside! We’ve already got pictures of kids splashing in streams, running in playgrounds, dancing in the … Read more

Students Follow the Yellow Bike Road

In 1994, the Portland, Oregon-based Community Cycling Center helped launch the city’s Yellow Bike program, the first of its kind in the United States. Portland citizens could use any Yellow … Read more

Overcoming Solar’s Challenges with a New Technology

A research team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has invented a cheaper method for harnessing solar energy that could ultimately power homes, campuses and office buildings through tinted windows. … Read more

Is There Room for Sustainability in Every Classroom?

The scene:  Art history class. The professor is showing slides of stained glass windows from a medieval cathedral. Her lecture describes the process and procedures for making stained glass, their … Read more