Students and Nature

A Little Night Magic

Children’s author Mary Quattlebaum shares one of her favorite books, “Owl Moon.” Read more

Recession is the Mother of Invention: Innovative Ways Campuses Are Coping with the Financial Crisis

As Van Jones put it in The Green-Collar Economy, “the bottom fell out” of our economy last year. The seizing credit market has reverberated across all sectors of society, hitting … Read more

Service Learning Takes a Climate Approach

As colleges and universities across the country address their carbon footprints, Warren Wilson College (WWC) is taking climate action past the confines of campus. INSULATE!, a service-learning project which gets … Read more

Youth Activists Vocal at Climate Talks

More than 500 young people from 54 countries converged on the coal-mining region of Poznan, Poland last month to weigh in on a critical discussion in preparation for a new … Read more

Hydrogen: Just a Lot of Hot Gas?

Peter Lehman drives up the California coast in Humboldt State University’s new hydrogen car, emblazoned with the words “Hydrogen Powered” on the sides. “If it didn’t say so, you wouldn’t … Read more

5 Tips to Get Off The Couch — And Get Outside!

The holidays are over. The prospect of three more months of winter seems, well, HORRIBLE. Everyday I seem to find more reasons to Tether myself to my couch Surf Twitter, … Read more

Time For A Winter Adventure

When making snow angels isn’t enough enticement to get the kids outside in the cold, NWF’s Liz Soper cooks up a winter adventure. Read more

The Best and Worst in 2008: Campus Highlights and Lessons for the New Year

With presidents leading the way, campuses shifting to solar energy, record level participation in national education campaigns and students turning out en masse to vote, 2008 was a banner year … Read more

Under Pressure: Holiday Breaks Prove a Good Time to Check Tires

Without realizing it, most students are arriving to school with less than the recommended amount of pressure — tire pressure, that is. According to a 2007 survey by the Rubber … Read more

Student Teams Lead Green Technology Research

The P3 Award, an EPA-sponsored competition that seeks to benefit people, prosperity, and the planet, is harnessing the enthusiasm and research power of students to get green innovations out into … Read more