Students and Nature

New UMD Ride-sharing Program Will Include Employees

The fall 2009 semester promises a more effective carpooling system for University of Maryland faculty and staff, thanks to campus collaboration by a team of UMD students, the Office of … Read more

Get Smart with a New Grid

Alex Huang likens today’s antiquated electrical grid to the slow and cumbersome computers that existed before the Internet. “Computing has undergone a revolution in the past 20 years,” he says. … Read more

Running–For The Fun Of It

Children’s author Mary Quattlebaum muses on one of the pleasures of youth–running with no particular destination in mind. Read more

For Every Playground You Visit and Share–NWF Recieves $1

We’re so glad you found your way to the National Wildlife Federation! We’re excited to share a new project we have going and hope you’ll join us!  OK…here’s how it … Read more

NWF’s Kevin Coyle Previews Climate Education Testimony

Kevin Coyle, the National Wildlife Federation’s vice president for education & training, headed to Capitol Hill this morning. He testified before a U.S. House committee on ways to ensure that … Read more

Chicago-Area Universities Collaborate to Promote Bicycling

The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) is participating in a program to promote bicycling and other alternative transportation modes on campus. By collaborating with the Chicago Department of Transportation … Read more

A Lot to Digest with Composting on Campus

There is a certain waste stream on college and university campuses that can travel two very different paths. One path, which ends at the local landfill, leads to the uncontrolled … Read more

Guest Post: Is Culture Shift Possible?

Students and visitors walking into a residence hall at Oberlin College shouldn’t be surprised to find glowing orbs mounted on walls, changing colors throughout the day. Sound like one of … Read more

Clean Energy From Humans? No Sweat

A light switch can be powered by sun, wind or water, but what about by the sweat of one’s brow? Oregon State University is one of the first universities to … Read more

Finally–An Excuse To Visit The Playground!

Spring is finally here – and NWF’s Be Out There campaign has teamed up with the non-profit KaBOOM! to find 100,000 Playspaces in 100 Days – and you can earn … Read more