One of These Things is Not Like the Other

If I gave you a panther, a polar bear and a bar-tailed godwit, and gave you 30 seconds to figure out which animal is not like the other, you could come up with a million different answers, right?

NPS_FL_panther[1] Okay, actually the polar bear, panther and bar-tailed godwit have almost nothing in common–other than the fact that they’re all wildlife that live in North America (although the bar-tailed godwit is somewhat of a world traveler).

But one thing these creatures all have going for them right now is the chance that Congress will dedicate 5% of funds generated from capping global warming pollution towards helping to protect them.

What exactly does this mean?

The climate and clean energy bill that Congress is currently considering would charge certain big polluters to help fund America’s transition to a safer and cleaner natural world.

Specifically, 5% dedicated funding for natural resources means that wildlife managers and wildlife agencies around the country will receive funding to protect wildlife populations and natural resources like America’s lakes and streams, forests, parks and many more of the wild places we cherish.

So, when you’re thinking about the polar bear and the panther (maybe a polanther?), and wondering what they have in common, you might think about how they might both benefit from a dedicated fund to help their populations thrive.

Put simply, by speaking up today you can help protect the Alaskan wilderness and the Florida Everglades all with one fell swoop.