Dalai Lama Urges Climate Action

Dalai Lama is asking leaders to take decisive action to curb carbon
pollution and act in the "global interest" to reduce climate change.
"Taking care of the environment … (is now) part of my life.
Taking care of the environment should be part of our daily life," said
the Dalai Lama. "The global issue should be number one."
In Sydney for a series of talks, Tibet's Buddhist spiritual leader called for
everyday actions to help reduce impacts on the environment, mentioning
his own attempts to reduce unnecessary use of water and electricity,
and praised next month's United Nations Climate Change Conference in
Copenhagen, calling the summit "very, very encouraging."
The Dalai Lama plans to
celebrate the 20th anniversary of his Nobel Peace Prize in Australia on
Dec. 10. He will present blessed seeds to attendees as a symbol of
accountability and the need for each citizen to act to reduce global

Published: December 3, 2009