Can You Imagine a World Without Polar Bears?

12-19-09 family in nature nwfZR7L6905_jpg By: Larry J. Schweiger

Can you imagine telling your kids and grandkids about a world where there used to be polar bears? National Wildlife Federation’s new report Double Trouble for Polar Bears: Melting Arctic Sea Ice and Offshore Oil Development explains why polar bears will only have a fighting chance if we rapidly reduce our global warming pollution causing record sea ice decline that polar bears depend on, and protect their habitat from oil and gas development.

This holiday season, I want to give the children in my life the gift of a world thriving with polar bears and other wildlife. Want to do the same? Write to the Secretary of the Interior and tell him you’re committed to protecting the polar bear (the deadline is Dec. 28). You can also tell your legislators that global warming is the single biggest threat to wildlife. Ask your friends to give this gift to their loved ones too.