How Do You Get Outside When It’s Hot Out There?

“It’s too hot to go outside today!”

You’ve heard it before. Heck, you’ve probably said it yourself. I know I have! When it gets hot, it’s easy to forgo an outdoor adventure for the cool comfort of air conditioning, but we at NWF’s Be Out There are convinced there are hundreds of untapped tips to help kids get a healthy dose of fresh air despite soaring summer temperatures.

Our question to you: how do you get your kids outside when it’s hot?

We are literally writing the book on getting kids outside when it gets hot and asked parents to share their best tips and suggestions in the comment section of this post to feature in our e-book, which will be published later this summer with the help of our friends at The Motherhood. Entry for the e-book closed on June 26, but take a look at some of the great stuff parents posted and add your own! It’s a HOT topic.

Post a comment about your family’s experiences with the outdoors:

  • Your main challenges when it comes to getting outside with the kids,
  • Your favorite “cool” activities to beat the summer heat,
  • The best resources for finding fun outdoor activities,
  • And more! The sky is the limit, and we welcome creativity!

The best tips come from the parents who are making it happen every day. Help us share your genius with the world! If you just want the book, sign up for our e-newsletter and we’ll email it to you once it’s published.

To get the creative juices flowing, here are a few  summertime outdoor activities from our Activity Finder, but anything goes! Whatever works for your family, we want to know about it.

Play Flashlight Tag


Try and Stay Dry Summer Obstacle Course


Observe Bugs at Night


6 Ways to Have Fun on the Hottest Day of the Year


Water and Ice Cube Games


Make a Water Scope


Below, share your best tips and suggestions for getting outside despite the heat. Can’t wait to hear them!

Don’t forget to read the contributor’s agreement before posting a comment. Visit Be Out There for more ideas and activities for outdoor play. Help us make sure all kids experience the many benefits of outdoor time!