Shreema Mehta

Help Create Jobs and Protect Wildlife

We all know that these are some tough times for our country’s economy–and as a conservationist, I find myself not only concerned about the impact of our economy on my … Read more

Reclaim our future — Register for Power Shift 2009

As you may have heard, Power Shift is back! We're proud to say that we expect thousands of students from every state to descend onto Washington DC to demand bold … Read more

Warming World Threatens Penguins, Too

Remember March of the Penguins? It was truly impressive to me to watch the incredible strength and patience these birds have to make that long, hard journey through the Antarctic … Read more

Meet Green New Year’s Resolutions With These Sites

I know some of you out there have not only made New Year’s resolutions, but have even drawn up action plans to carry them out. The rest of us might … Read more

Catchphrases Won’t Solve Climate Change

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about “clean coal” as one of the paths we can take to a new energy future., but while it sounds nice, the truth is: … Read more

Help Open up America’s Classrooms to Nature!

Chances are, as you’re reading this, the kids in your life are sitting in school, daydreaming about the summer and the chance to run around. And even if they’re not, … Read more

The Importance of U.S. Leadership in Confronting the Global Climate Challenge

Recently, our country began to break through on U.S. leadership in confronting global warming. In a surprise address delivered to the Global Climate Summit last Thursday, President-elect Obama pledged to … Read more

Video: What’s Happening To Our Public Lands

We can read report after report on how dirty energy development threatens wildlife across the West–but sometimes it helps to see it for ourselves. That’s why I want to encourage … Read more

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