Help Open up America’s Classrooms to Nature!

Chances are, as you’re reading this, the kids in your life are sitting in school, daydreaming about the summer and the chance to run around. And even if they’re not, perhaps you’re the one trapped inside today, daydreaming about your childhood freedom from desks and desktops.

Earlier this year, the U.S. House made a strong commitment to children by passing the No Child Left Inside Act, legislation that provides funding for our kids to learn about shellfish on the beach, not just on the blackboard.

Getting strong bipartisan support from the House, the support this bill raised now needs to be passed on to both chambers of the incoming Congress to ensure that the No Child Left Inside Act can finally become law.

Enacting the No Child Left Inside Act will help make outdoor activity routine for children by bringing more hands-on environmental education to our schools. The legislation also provides programs to create an environmentally literate citizenry who will be better able to understand and lead tomorrow’s conservation movement!

As the new Congress and administration begin settling into their desks in Washington, let’s deliver them a unified welcoming message in support of environmental education: “Let’s Break Down the Walls of America’s Classrooms.”

Please keep up the momentum by urging your member of Congress to pass No Child Left Inside!