Catchphrases Won’t Solve Climate Change

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about “clean coal” as one of the paths we can take to a new energy future., but while it sounds nice, the truth is: “clean coal” does not exist.

”Clean coal” is used to describe coal plants that capture and store the carbon emissions they produce, so they are never released into the atmosphere, but currently, there are no coal power plants that are actually able to do this. So as it stands, the clean coal path is dirty and leads to nowhere.

The National Wildlife Federation has been working together with some of the nation’s top conservation groups on the This is Reality Campaign to debunk the myth of clean coal:

Carbon-capture and sequestration may happen in the future, but fortunately we don’t need to wait around indefinitely for an expensive technology to reduce global warming. We can take quicker and more affordable steps now to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

For example, RePower America has a plan to get us 100% clean electricity within 10 years. It involves investments in energy efficiency, and solar, wind and renewable energies – technologies that not only exist but are already being used!

To quote Blan Holman, an attorney with the Southern Environmental Law Center, “Clean coal is like a healthy cigarette.” So get the details here and please be sure to spread the word!

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Published: December 29, 2008