House Passes Clean Energy Legislation

NWF   |   May 22, 2009

05-22-09 Chair Waxman copy Last evening the U.S. House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee approved the American Clean Energy and Security Act by a 33 to 25 bipartisan vote.

This legislation would establish a new U.S. energy policy that avoids continuing dependence on foreign oil and builds a new, domestic clean technology manufacturing base to supply wind, solar, and other renewable energy. It will also take significant steps toward combating the climate crisis by limiting carbon pollution.

When the people lead, leaders will follow.  In a new poll by National Wildlife Federation, Americans strongly support legislative proposals that invest in clean energy and cap global warming pollution. We’ve demonstrated that by working together we can make a huge difference in the outcome of this historic effort.

Larry Schweiger


Published: May 22, 2009