Make a Statemant for Public Lands

Lisa Eadens in her Public Lands ShirtCovering almost one-third of the nation, America’s public lands are some of the last and best habitat for wildlife.

If you’re like me and value the beauty of public lands, the wildlife they support and recreation opportunities they provide, you may sometimes wonder what you can do to help protect these special places. While calling and sending letters to your political leaders is always a good idea, the National Wildlife Federation is giving us another way to support public lands.

They just finished designing and printing all organic, public lands T-shirts. Their goal is to spread the word  about public lands by having people all over the country wear these shirts in support of public lands. All proceeds from the shirts will go to support the public lands work of the National Wildlife Federation.

There’s a shirt for everyone! See the entire collection of shirts and colors…

Many people don’t know about National Wildlife Federation’s public lands program, which is based in the Rocky Mountain Regional Center in Boulder, Colorado. Lately, a majority of the work has been focused around the recent energy boom in the West and helping to ensure we balance energy extraction with wildlife protection.

Recently, public lands won a huge victory when a court ruled that plans to drill for oil and gas development on New Mexico’s Otero Mesa ignored the protection of key wildlife habitat and groundwater. Otero Mesa is one of most biologically rich and diverse desert ecosystems in the world and was at significant risk from drilling.

The National Wildlife Federation was a key player in this effort to protect the wildlife habitat and water of Otero Mesa. With your support we can all continue to protect these special places for generations to come.

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Published: May 27, 2009