New NWF Report: Global Warming Increasing Heavy Storms, Floods


A new National Wildlife Federation report (PDF) warns America is seeing more heavy storms and major floods — and the situation could get far worse if we don’t act now on global warming:

“Global warming is partly to blame for these heavy rainfall events,” said Dr. Amanda Staudt, climate scientist, National Wildlife Federation. “Warmer air simply can hold more moisture, so heavier precipitation is expected in the years to come.” […]

“Now is the time to confront the realities of global warming, including the increasing frequency and intensity of heavy rainfall events across the country,” said Dr. Staudt. “We must aggressively move toward a cleaner energy future and reduce global warming pollution, thereby ensuring that we avoid the worst impacts.”

That’s why it’s so critical for the Senate to follow the House’s lead and pass comprehensive clean energy & climate legislation this year. Stay tuned for more details on how you can help make it happen!

Published: July 9, 2009