New Poll Reveals Broad, Deep Support for Climate Action

A new Washington Post-ABC News poll reveals some amazing numbers about support for clean energy & climate legislation. Two-thirds of Americans support federal limits on global warming pollution.

The poll also reveals a deep division between rank-and-file Republicans and their members of Congress. While just eight GOP House members voted for the American Clean Energy & Security Act in June, half of Republicans want national carbon pollution controls.

Do you think the federal government should or should not regulate the release of greenhouse gases from sources like power plants, cars and factories in an effort to reduce global warming?

  • All: 65% support action

  • Democrats: 79% support action

  • Independents: 64% support action

  • Republicans: 50% support action

The poll doesn’t just reveal remarkably broad support for climate action across the political spectrum. It shows surprisingly deep support. While estimates show climate action would only raise costs about a postage stamp a day for the average household, Americans would be willing to pay significantly more if necessary:

What if that significantly lowered greenhouse gases but raised your monthly energy expenses by …

… $10 a month?

  • Should still take climate action: 60%

… $25 a month?

  • Should still take climate action: 55%

As the National Wildlife Federation’s Jeremy Symons pointed out earlier this week, reporters writing up these polls tend to focus on day-to-day movement in poll numbers rather than the big picture. But as the Senate begins winding down its health insurance reform debate and clean energy & climate legislation takes the on-deck circle, Americans are rallying behind climate action.

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Published: December 18, 2009