The Copenhagen Climate Accord Summarized In Six Key Points


The Copenhagen Climate Accord has a number of key provisions.  The following is a quick summary set out by U.S. Journalist Keith Schneider 

1. Developed nations have committed to invest $30 billion over the next three years to help developing nations adapt to global warming and pursue clean energy development.

2, Developed nations made a "provisional" commitment to create a $100 billion global fund by 2020 to help the developing nations respond to global warming and particpate more fully in the clean energy economic transition.

3, There was broad agreement on a goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions sufficient to prevent a rise in global temperature above two dregree Celsius.

4, There were pledges by most nations to make specific emissions reductions but .. the specific levels were not set in the accord.

5. There was a general goal set by particpating nations to having international review of actual progress on green house gas emission reductions. 

6. China and the U.S. were given diplomatic space to work together on the accord and a commitment was arrived at to assess overall progress on reductions under the Accord by 2015.

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Published: December 19, 2009