Four Ways to Provide Water for Birds

Providing water for drinking and bathing is a great way to attract beautiful and interesting birds to your yard. A clean water source is one of the components of habitat that all wildlife need to survive and one of the requirements for those seeking Certified Wildlife Habitat status for their yards and gardens through our Garden for Wildlife program.

Here are four different water features that we offer via National Wildlife Catalog. I’ve personally reviewed each of these water features to make sure the design is high quality. Even better, the proceeds from the sale of these water features go directly to support the National Wildlife Federation’s conservation programs.

Pedestal Heated Birdbath

2780_nwf3079zmProviding a water source doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be as simple as putting out a basic birdbath like this one. Birdbaths should only be one to three inches deep to allow songbirds to get in the water and bathe their feathers. They should be cleaned and disinfected regularly, which can be accomplished by scrubbing out with a scouring pad and some dish soap or a vinegar solution.

Our pedestal birdbath has terra cotta-colored plastic basin that is light and easy to empty and clean. It comes with an attactive metal pedestal that can be sunk securely in the ground. It also features a 60-watt heater hidden beneath the surface, which is thermostatically controlled to operate only when necessary and is tested to -20°F. In warm weather, the power cord can be tucked underneath the bowl.

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Natural Ground Birdbath

2780_nwf3072zmEnjoy four seasons of birds visiting your yard with this nature-inspired, ground-level birdbath. The realistic-looking birdbath provides a vital source of water for birds but also other wildlife, such as box turtles, tortoises, rabbits and toads. It has a built-in, thermostatically controlled heating element that ensures an ice-free source of water for freezing temperatures. When temperatures are below freezing and liquid water is all frozen but there’s no snow on the ground, birds literally have no water source. A heated birdbath like this one can be a lifesaver.  Energy-efficient, it operates on just 70 watts. Cord discreetly tucks away when heater is not in use.

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3-in-1 Birdbath

This birdbath2780_nwf3078zm has three different mounting options. It can be attached to a post and placed up off the ground. It can be clamped to a deck railing, which is great if you have limited space or live in an urban area and don’t have a yard. It also has short legs to place it right on the ground. Like our other birdbaths, this one also has a thermostatically controlled heater to offer clean, fresh water  year-round.

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Water Mister

2780_nwf2836zmNot all birds will visit a birdbath. Hummingbirds in particular enjoy flying through a mist of water. Watch and enjoy your backyard as it becomes a community of hummingbirds and other birds as they fly through and bathe in this mister. The small white mister nozzle will easily attach to any garden hose and spray out a fine mist of water for your feathered friends to enjoy.

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Get these water features and other items to attract birds to your yard from our Garden for Wildlife Catalog.

Every wildlife garden should include: food, water, cover, places to raise young and be managed with sustainable practices.

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