Miles Grant

Miles Grant is director of communications for National Wildlife Federation, coordinating communications across NWF’s programs to protect wildlife and wild places, connect Americans with nature, and confront climate change. He lives in Fairhaven, MA with his wife and daughter.

Rep. Shimkus: Too LITTLE Global Warming Pollution?

Here’s another clip from Wednesday’s House Energy & Commerce Committee hearing on climate change adaptation. Rep. John Shimkus (R-IL) had an odd exchange with British aristocrat and famed global warming … Read more

Rep. Barton on Global Warming: Find Some Shade

To listen to Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX), you’d think adapting to global warming is as easy as taking off your jacket on an unexpectedly pleasant spring day. [youtube][/youtube] “Adaptation to … Read more

NWF Climate Scientist on Latest Sea Level Rise Models

Dr. Amanda Staudt, National Wildlife Federation climate scientist, discusses some alarming new data on global warming’s impact on sea levels: [youtube][/youtube] Learn more at Read more

NWF President: Carbon Cap Must Be “Clean, Green and Fair”

National Wildlife Federation President & CEO Larry Schweiger testified today before the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Energy and Environment on the urgent need for climate and energy legislation … Read more

Exclusive Footage: Canada Coup at NWF HQ?

I can only describe what I witnessed today as an attempted coup. In what appeared to be a coordinated assault, two Canada geese tried to take over National Wildlife Federation … Read more

NWF President: “We’re All in This Struggle Together”

There’s a new post on the General Motors blog from a surprising guest blogger — National Wildlife Federation President & CEO Larry Schweiger. So why why is the head of … Read more

Crist Accepts NWF Award, Asks GOP to Step Up on Clean Energy

National Wildlife Federation President & CEO Larry Schweiger presented Gov. Charlie Crist yesterday with NWF’s Conservation Achievement Award for Government. Gov. Crist has helped position Florida as a leader in … Read more

Beyond Denial: Climate Opponents Resort to Making Stuff Up

Here's another story from the post-PowerShift rally outside DC's coal-fired power plant. It started as I was getting some video of a handful of "counter-protesters" from the ExxonMobil-funded Competitive Enterprise … Read more

Fighting for Clean Water & Green Jobs for All

Chelsea Chee of the Black Mesa Water Coalition tells us why she came to Capitol Hill for PowerShift ’09: Read more

Climate Activists Dwarf Exxon Mobil-Funded Counter Protest

After the PowerShift '09 rally in front of the Capitol, hundreds of students marched on DC's coal-fired power plant in support of clean energy, green jobs and climate action. It … Read more