NWF President: Carbon Cap Must Be “Clean, Green and Fair”

National Wildlife Federation President & CEO Larry Schweiger testified today before the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Energy and Environment on the urgent need for climate and energy legislation that includes large-scale dedicated funding to protect and restore wildlife and natural resources threatened by global warming.

Chairman Edward Markey (D-MA) kicked off the hearing with some remarks of his own, saying, "If the United States and the world are going to successfully combat climate change, mitigation – the act of reducing greenhouse gas emissions – will not be enough. Our country and other nations must also implement adaptation policies to respond to changes in our climate, in our ecosystems and in our infrastructure."

Larry drove the message home in his testimony, pointing out that "Congress must use the revenue from a carbon cap program to carry out a program that is 'clean, green and fair.' Clean, because we must invest in clean energy technologies. Green, because we must provide large-scale dedicated funding to protect our nation's wildlife and other natural resources from climate change. Fair, because we must protect consumers and help those who are most vulnerable around the world."

Tom Karl of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, John Stephenson of the Government Accountability Office, and Bishop Callon Holloway of the National Council of Churches joined Larry as witnesses before the subcommittee, testifying on what is being done, and what else needs to be done to help safeguard the people, wildlife and natural resources threatened by global warming.

You can read the full text of Larry's testimony here!

Published: March 25, 2009