The Senate Must Save the Polar Bear

Today the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) decided to list the polar bear as threatened under the endangered species act. Unfortunately, the USFWS made it clear that they would do nothing about the two largest threats to polar bear habitat, global warming pollution and oil and gas drilling.

As the polar bear’s sea ice habitat literally melts out from under it, its time for the Senate to step up and pass the Climate Security Act. The polar bear’s survival depends on the United States stepping up to lead the world in global warming pollution reductions and clean energy technology deployment. The best way for us to accomplish that is for the Senate to pass the Climate Security Act when it comes up for debate at the beginning of June.

In anticipation of the vote on the Climate Security Act in June, Senators and their staff are in high gear figuring out how to pass legislation that both protects the polar bears, other critters, and people while jumpstarting our economy with a clean energy technology revolution. Congress has never before focused on global warming the way they are now. But, focus isn’t action, and it doesn’t get pollution to go down.

We need every single American to tell Congress to confront global warming as soon as possible. We need to all remind our Senators and Representatives that they must act now or risk leaving future generations with nothing but stories of the legendary polar bear.

Katrina Managan
Global Warming Legislative Representative

Published: May 14, 2008