Global Warming is a Global Problem

We are just weeks away from significant movement in the U.S. Senate on addressing global warming. The Climate Security Act will help the U.S. reduce global warming pollution by 2% annually through a cap and trade program like the one that successfully reduced acid rain pollution. A vote in favor of this legislation will signify to the rest of the world that America is ready to engage in the fight against global warming.

This is very significant, not only because we will have an historic vote on global warming legislation, but also because the Climate Security Act includes a provision to help the most vulnerable nations that need assistance to deal with climate change damage.

Poor countries that generate the least amount of global warming emissions will be hurt the worst by climate change. Yields from rain-fed agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa could be reduced by up to 50 percent by 2020, which would harm food security and exacerbate malnutrition. In Latin America, changes in precipitation patterns and the disappearance of glaciers are projected to significantly affect water
availability for human consumption, agriculture and energy generation. These impacts could only worsen if we don’t act now.

By reducing our own green house gas emissions and by providing technical advice and targeted funding, we can help reduce the potential harm to vulnerable communities, protect natural resources and sequester carbon. The time to act is now. Tell your Senator to pass the Climate Security Act.

Kelly Rand
Policy Coordinator, International Affairs

Published: May 19, 2008