The Worldwide Web of EcoCareers: A resource for job seekers

If you’re anything like me, you’ve scoured the internet hundreds if not thousands of times looking for green jobs in your field. You’ve bookmarked a few specialty job listing sites and all the familiar mega-listing sites. You’re thinking, there must be a better way to hone in on my interests!

Thankfully, a lot of people and organizations have put in a great deal of effort to organize the opportunities for those seeking employment in the green sector. Over the past few months, I’ve combed through the resources and created this EcoCareers Guide – my offering to all the EcoLeaders out there working toward a better world and hoping to find a way to make a living doing so.

It’s important to remember that in this day and age, most jobs are obtained through the development and support of a professional network, not by applying to job listings alone. Consider the following job listing resources as helpful tools to identify positions you are interested in and qualified for; then use the power of your network to land an interview (if not for that exact job, for something like it at an organization you are connected with).

Work Smarter, Not Harder

We’ll begin with the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) EcoLeaders Career Center filled with useful tools to support job seekers and also to develop your professional portfolio, fine-tune your resume, and your clarify goals. This is a skillful space to do yourself a favor and “work smarter, not harder,” so you can spend less time digging through classifieds and more time doing what you love.

NWF EcoLeaders Job Listings Forum
NWF EcoLeaders Job Listings Forum

General Green Jobs Sites:

  • NWF EcoLeaders Job Forum You can subscribe to this NWF jobs forum, set your preferences, and receive an email when new postings are listed.
  • BWork Employment opportunities with Certified B entities, “B Work connects purpose-driven job-seekers with positions at social enterprises who are using business as a force for good.” You can set up parameters for your dream job and receive an alert when a matching option is listed.
  • Green Biz With access to blogs, podcasts and events, this is a great resource for anyone interested in learning about the circular economy, and increasing sustainable practices within businesses. They curate an easily searchable jobs board, as well.
  • Green Jobs NetworkThis site provides a variety of helpful ways to browse jobs by location, by category (including social impact jobs) or job listings on LinkedIn or Twitter. They share blogs and books and other helpful resources. You can also subscribe to their Green Jobs Newsletter.
  • Environmental Career CenterIn addition to searching their substantial and varied jobs board, you can upload your resume on the site for potential employers to review.
  • Sustainable Business “Green Dream Jobs” Board“Sustainability news, networking and jobs for green businesses.” In addition to informative news updates, they share a wide variety of jobs from across professional sectors.
Student planting a plant.
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Agriculture and Food:

  • Good Food Jobs“Designed to link people looking for meaningful food work with the businesses that need their energy, enthusiasm, and intellect.” They post opportunities across the food sector: “farmers and food artisans, policy makers and purveyors, retailers and restaurateurs, economists, ecologists, and more.” On their “gastrognomes” blog, they publish profiles of a variety of inspiring food professionals.
  • Indoor Farming/Aquaponics JobsFeaturing worldwide job listings in research, development, production and more within the hydroponics, aquaculture, indoor farming sector. Includes the opportunity to upload your resume for potential employers.

Outdoor Recreation & Environmental Education:

  • Back Door Jobs “Short Term Adventure Jobs” Organized into categories including sustainable agriculture, summer camp jobs, hospitality positions and seasonal work, this is a great compilation of opportunities in beautiful destinations, entry level positions, and skill-building experiences.
  • Cool Works“Jobs in Great Places” If you’re seeking an opportunity in a new place, this is a great site to check out. Jobs vary in category –from administrative to customer service to education and even health care, and include seasonal and long term positions.
  • National Recreation and Park AssociationA comprehensive listing of employment opportunities in park and recreation across the States. There are also great resources on relevant certifications, trainings, conferences and events.
  • North American Association for Environmental Education Full of helpful resources, including professional development webinars and conferences, educational directory, informative blog posts and a regularly updated compilation of environmental education employment opportunity, this is a great tool for anyone interested in the field.
  • Outdoor Education JobsProvides job listings in the outdoor education and recreation sectors, along with training and professional development resources.
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Conservation & Sustainability:

  • Clean Energy Jobs ListExplore news, jobs and companies in renewable energy, green building, biofuels and more.
  • Society for Conservation BiologyThis is a helpful resource for individuals interested in positions in academic research, nonprofit and consultancy fields.
  • Solid Waste Association of North AmericaSWANA’s career center includes job listings in the solid waste and recycling centers across the country, and additional career resources. You can learn about conferences and professional development opportunities within these sectors, as well.
  • Sustainability LeadsThe variety of the jobs postings here focus on positions assessing, implementing and improving sustainable practices within private, government, and academic entities. Includes a blog and a newsletter you can subscribe to.

Here’s to landing a great EcoCareer; I hope this helps you on your journey. Thanks for your dedication to making our world a better place.

Although I worked hard to compile as much up-to-date, accurate information as possible, I’ll admit I am not perfect! Did I miss something or leave out an important resource? Let me know! I’d love to hear from you. If you’re not already connected to the EcoLeaders community, consider joining us so we can keep in touch and share resources!