As we head toward a vote on the Climate Security Act, it is clear that there is an immense amount of pressure being leveraged on Senators to vote against this critical bill. They are hearing a lot of distracting arguments that the bill will cost Americans too much money at a time when we’re already feeling pinched. This completely misses the point! Let your Senators know you don’t buy it.

The Climate Security Act does not simply require cuts in global warming pollution, it actually creates a funding stream to facilitate America’s transition to a cleaner – and cheaper – energy future.  By investing in clean energy technology, we can recharge the U.S.economy by creating new jobs here at home, cutting energy costs, and becoming energy independent. Even the U.S. Department of Energy predicts that our economy can grow strongly with a national climate policy in place. Let’s get moving!

Those who think it is a bad idea for funds generated by the Climate Security Act to be invested in ways to help Americans use less energy, and therefore have lower energy bills, need a reality check – and not one that comes in the mail.

For more on this, check out NWF’s new fact sheet (pdf) Recharging America’s Economy. And visit our Climate Action Center to learn more about how to take action.

-Catherine Bowes, NWF Northeast Global Warming Program Manager

Published: May 8, 2008