NASA Stresses Ten-Year Window

NWF   |   June 6, 2007

New research from NASA and the Columbia University Earth Institute warns of severe consequences from global warming if we do not curb our production of global warming pollution within the next ten years.

NASA stresses that a dangerous tipping point concerning global warming pollution exists. If we cross this boundary, potentially uncontrollable feedback loops will result, releasing massive amounts of greenhouse gases.

NASA’s announcement places more urgency on the need to reduce emissions than the report released by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in early 2007. NASA also asserts that the upper limits for global warming pollution concentrations in the atmosphere are lower than previously estimated.

The reports keep coming in. We still have time, but it’s time to act now. Think about a child you know who is ten years or younger. That child is the face of 2050. Do you want him or her to have a bright energy future?

Published: June 6, 2007