Greening Our Schools: The Challenge For NWF Eco-Schools USA

NWF   |   November 8, 2009

Eco-schools_rgb_notext_80w America's increasing focus on things that are "green" most certainly extends to our K-12 schools — all 130,000 of them. The new NWF Eco-Schools USA program will help many U.S. schools to become more effective at educating and preparing students for new, greener, ways of thinking, working and living.    It offers a proven system for organizing people and priorities at a school for more energy efficiency, water efficiency, improved waste management, eco-landacaping, nature study, climate change study and more.

Importantly, Eco-Schools USA, like its counterparts in 46 other nations, teaches a participatory and democratic process for young people to address important environmental subjects and, in due course, to also learn to solve the problems of life.  The Eco-Schools USA system includes: 

* Seven core steps to complete school greening, 

* Eight exciting study, project and community servcice pathways, and

* Access to a diverse and growing international network of 30,000 existing ecoschools from around the world.

To learn more about Eco-Schools USA and how you and your schools can participate, please visit our Eco-Schools USA self-guiding website  

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