Get outdoors with American Girl and Saturday’s national campout

Kate McDonald is NWF’s Coporate Relations & Special Events intern extraordinaire. Kate helps with social media outreach and other aspects of events planning.

The Great American Backyard Campout (GABC) is right around the corner! This weekend, families across the country will celebrate the annual event.

In the same outdoor spirit as their 2010 Girl of the Year Lanie, American Girl is serving as the national sponsor for the GABC to encourage kids everywhere to enjoy the outdoors.

The GABC is a great opportunity for kids and adults to get outside and experience nature, while creating lasting memories with family and friends. Connecting with the outdoors benefits children’s health and inspires their sense of adventure.

By participating in this Saturday’s Great American Backyard Campout, we hope to encourage kids to view the outdoors as their favorite play space—where they can explore, imagine, discover, and daydream, just like Lanie!

– Kate McDonald

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