Save State and Tribal Wildlife Grants!


When I think of conservation successes, I think of the bald eagle.  While the Endangered Species Act was critical for the eagle’s recovery, we also need to thank the State and Tribal Wildlife Grants Program. 

When the grant program was created in 2000, states like Arizona, Iowa, Kentucky and Maine used it protect eagle nesting habitat and monitor eagles.  State and Tribal Wildlife Grants have played an important role in helping keep eagle recovery on track.

However, bald eagles are just one type of wildlife that is benefitting from this program.  You don’t have to look hard to see how State and Tribal Wildlife Grants are helping wildlife in your own state.

Photo courtesy of John C. Moerk
  • In Minnesota, grants are restoring oak savanna for the Karner Blue Butterfly.
  • In Idaho, grants are used to enhance sage grouse habitat and study the pygmy rabbit.
  • In Georgia, grants are putting bog turtles back into the wild.

Learn more about state wildlife grants in your state.

However, state wildlife grants need your help! The House of Representatives put State Wildlife Grants on the chopping block and completely eliminated the program in their budget.  Some members of congress are standing strong in support of the grants, but we need to make our voices heard and protect funding for this important program.

Urgent! Click here and personalize this message to tell Congress that State and Tribal Wildlife Grants are important to you and your state’s wildlife.

NWF has been hard at work with other members of the Teaming with Wildlife Coalition to make sure that the final government budget restores funding for this program.  So far:

  1. In March, citizens from across the country came to DC to tell Congress how State and Tribal Wildlife Grants are helping wildlife in their state.
  2. NWF held a press event with other conservation organizations and coalition members to protest conservation cuts.
  3. Over 600 organizations from all 50 states have joined NWF in signing a letter to Congress opposing the elimination of State and Tribal Wildlife Grants.

Let’s keep fighting to keep common species common and protect our wildlife!