Weekly News Roundup- May 31, 2013

National Wildlife Federation Partners with Animal Planet to Connect Viewers with the Wild World around Them

May 28- National Wildlife Federation (NWF) is pleased to work with Animal Planet to promote the series, North America, premiering on May 28 at 9 pm ET. The seven-part series reveals the intimate stories of animals struggling to survive in unforgiving weather and rugged terrain, helping viewers rediscover North America as they have never seen it before.

AP North America Owls

Throughout the series, Animal Planet will encourage viewers to sign up with the National Wildlife Federation to learn more about the amazing wildlife featured on the show. From sea turtles to bison to backyard wildlife, National Wildlife Federation’s conservation and education work protects many of the animals highlighted in each episode.

“We are excited to work with Animal Planet on this important series that offers a rare, in-depth look at our natural, wild environment in North America – our home,” said Maureen Smith, NWF Vice President of Marketing and Communications. “By highlighting the everyday struggles and triumphs of wildlife, we hope to inspire viewers to join our efforts to keep the wild alive in North America.”

The series, which is currently airing first on Discovery Channel, will receive a second airing on Animal Planet, from May 28th – June 18th. To learn more, please visit: AnimalPlanet.com/NorthAmerica.


David Mizejewski on Wendy Williams

May 22- David Mizejewski, NWF’s naturalist and media personality, appeared on the Wendy Williams Show to showcase some fun and interesting desert animals including a fennec fox, a camel calf, a red kangaroo joey and more! Check out his fun appearance at this link !


And now here are highlights from NWF in the news:

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