Our Favorite Wildlife Quizzes of 2016

As we look back on 2016, we are inspired by the generosity and passion of our supporters. We’re also quite impressed by your wildlife trivia expertise! Whether it’s wildlife crossings, who depends on trees, or separating truth from fiction about bats, friends of wildlife are expert quiz takers!

Enjoy a look back at three of our favorite quizzes from the past year, and try your hand at some wildlife fun!

Fan Favorite: What’s Your Wildlife Personality?

From the tiny red-legged frog to the graceful monarch butterfly or the speedy pronghorn, friends of wildlife matched their personalities to eight great North American wildlife in this quiz.

Fun fact: 25% of people were the majestic great blue heron, while only 3% matched the mighty wild bison. See who your wildlife match is:


Top Trivia: How Much Do You Know About Monarch Butterflies?

Wildlife trivia buffs tested their monarch IQs in this springtime quiz, and we were pretty impressed with how much they knew about these graceful butterflies.

Are you a monarch expert? Find out:


The “Eyes” Have It: Guess Your Nocturnal Neighbors

Whether dwelling in trees and bushes or sitting pond-side, there are many wildlife neighbors adapted to coming out in the nighttime hours. Wildlife watchers tried their hands at this identification quiz this fall.

Think you can identify them? Give it a try!