Who said it wasn’t easy being green?

This Earth Day it’s easier to be “green” than ever before. And that is a true reason to celebrate. So grab your pen and paper and write down a few fun activities you’d like to accomplish. I’d love to hear what other people are doing for Earth Day!

My Earth Day Checklist:

1. Turn Off My Computer and Walk Outside: There’s so much noise during the day that I’m feeling the need to find a quiet place and listen to sounds that don’t resemble a keyboard. I’m sure most people aren’t online as much as I am, but I truly feel recharged when I’m away from plugs that feed my laptop. And since it’s Earth Day I’m going to try and make it longer than just a green hour.

2. Identify Wildlife I Can’t Recognize: On said walk, I’m making it a goal to learn at least one new species. I usually am such a field guide fanatic that I don’t wander far without them, but I’ve also been known to take pictures with my cell phone and reference the birds or plants through their traits when I return. Either way, I’m planing to wildlife watch because that’s something I am absolutely fascinated with.

3. Knock Off a Few Magazines I Don’t Need: At some point today I plan to visit my Catalog Choice account and mark off a few more magazines that I don’t want anymore. While there are some magazines that are great for learning purposes, catalogs are something I don’t need!

4. Start a New Compost Pile: Since my move I hadn’t had the chance to figure out where my new compost pile is going to be. I’ve dedicated this afternoon to laying down the foundation.

5. Feed the Birds in My Yard: Ok, so this one is cheating because I have bird seed already,  and pretty much already feed the birds (okay squirrels), in my yard. But it’s important I refill the feeder especially on Earth Day. I also should look into a more effective feeder so the birds get some seed.

Enter the National Wildlife Photo Contest6. Take Some Nature Photographs: I’ve been meaning to do this recently but just haven’t had the chance. I took Nature Photography in college, and think it’s a really neat way to enjoy the outdoors. So even though I can’t enter the National Wildlife Photo Contest, it’s a great day to capture the beauty of nature and try out a few new photography tips!

7. Drop Off My Used Batteries: I collect these guys for an extended period of time and eventually I must turn them in. I know it’s not very ‘earthy’ but I am attempting to dispose of the little energy suppliers correctly.

8. Free My Inner Activist: Working at National Wildlife Federation, I get to hear a lot about how my colleagues are working to protect wildlife. One of those ways is that we keep an eye on any legislation or policy decisions that could impact wildlife. This Earth Day, I plan on helping them be a voice for Mother Earth by speaking up for wildlife.

Earth Day can be just as cheery as Christmas–but the trees stay in the forest. This can be a time where we celebrate our successes and life’s glorious biodiversity. I hope everyone considers making a checklist or at least giving me a few pointers with mine. Don’t forget to get outside today!

B Kind 2 Earth Day!

NWF has teamed up with TheMotherhood.com and Nickelodeon in a campaign to B Kind 2 Earth Day.

It’s simple…promise to do one nice thing for the Earth on April 22nd and let’s make Earth Day really mean something. Take your kids on a walk, ditch the disposable grocery bags, do a park clean-up, install a bird feeder – whatever it is, big or small, your actions to love, respect and B Kind 2 Earth will add up!

Share what you’re doing for B Kind 2 Earth Day on Facebook and inspire others to do the same!