Great Reasons to Participate in the Great American Backyard Campout

Tonywankenobibackyardcampi In case you haven’t heard about it yet, I’d like to introduce you to the Great American Backyard Campout. It’s a little idea that grew into a big reality that gives thousands of people a chance to participate all over the country (and world!). Basically, on June 28th, communities, families and friends will be setting up their tents in either a park or their very own backyard. It’s a really great way to feel both connected to other neighbors and loved ones as well as your neighborhood or nearby park!

I’m very excited about this event because I’m all about community and nature. Here are a few good reasons why participating in the campout is easy and fun!

1. Doesn’t Cost a Thing (though we don’t turn away donations)
While this event doesn’t cost a dime (*unless you go to a park that charges campers) — you can get some really great resources off the website. Not to mention you can invite people to your own campsite using the website. You can also participate in the forum discussions and share your camping wisdom.

2. Gives You a Chance to Night Watch
If you are wondering what Night Watch is, it’s a chance to keep your eyes, ears and nose peeled for interesting, nocturnal wildlife and other nightly happenings. You can participate in Night Watch by observing certain sounds, smells, and lights as well as the sky! It’s a pretty great way to relax and experience the outdoors without actually depending on the sun.

3. Introduces You to a Camping Community

Even if you are the type of person to shudder when you hear the word community, it’s a great chance to share your recipes, favorite games, & experiences from camping.