A Conservation Message for Kids, from a Kid

EnzoologyI’d like to introduce you to a kid who not only gets his green hour but helps other kids appreciate nature and wildlife. Meet Enzo! Enzo is the star of his very own online website and show Enzoology. This is where he posts informative and fun videos that speak to kids as well as anyone who wants to learn about wildlife.

Here’s what Enzoology is about:

“ENZOology is a show about for kids all about animals, insects and conservation science! From entomology and zoology to biology and beyond, Enzo teaches that science is cool. Each episode is filled with facts and fun. So if you are interested in dinosaurs, fossils, sharks, dolphins, spiders, ants, minerals, snakes, animals, chemistry or anything inbetween, chances are you’ll love Enzoology.” – From ENZOology

Enzo supports conservation and exploring the outdoors while learning about his surroundings! It’s great to see a kid in the information age not glued to a computer screen but instead is working to show kids the fun of the outdoors!

Watch the video as Enzo and his pet ball python tell you why conservation is important to him:

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Published: September 6, 2008