Green Hour Heroes: Grandparents

So many times, our childhood memories of being outdoors include Grandma and Grandpa (or Bubby, Granny, Mom-mom, Gramps–whatever your nickname of choice). proved again this week that older family members play a big role in bringing outdoor time to their grandchildren’s lives.

The site’s forum leader asks a weekly question to the community. This week: “How will you enjoy the outdoors this summer?”

One of my favorite comments came from a grandmother with the user name “westshore”

“I can’t wait til school’s out so my grandkiddies and I can spend lots of lazy hours swimming in our lake, fishing and building sandcastles. We also made a list of things that we want to do during the summer and it includes building a lemonade stand and then selling lemonade plus learning to golf. Bring on the summer!!”

Check out all the comments from all the other folks, with online screen names like “nanalaura” and “TJsGrandma.”

Hats off to grandparents. You’re Green Hour heroes!