3 Ways You Can Help the 7.6 Million Kids with Vitamin D Deficiency

Beoutthere A recent Washington Post article points out a growing problem among American children– Vitamin D deficiency, which can cause bone and heart ailments. You can get your Vitamin D from fortified milk, but the best way is to get outside and play. Unfortunately this last part, is part of the problem.

We’ve known for a while that kids don’t get outside as often as they used to. Blame video games, blame fear of direct sunlight, blame whatever you like. But right now, it’s time to focus on solutions.

Take your pick. Speak up with NWF today to help get more of America’s kids outside.

Once you’ve sent these important messages to your elected officials today, shut down your computer (unplug it too, to save some energy) and run outside to get your Vitamin D. After all, kids aren’t the only ones who need their daily sunlight…

…So, go on now, be out there!