Show Your (Heart) for Clean Air

photo credit: Kolleen Kawa/NWF It’s easy to take clean air for granted, but if it weren’t for the Clean Air Act’s introduction in 1970, we would be dealing with more acid rain, smog and health problems associated with air pollution.

Over the years, the Clean Air Act has made great strides to ensure American communities are breathing clean air, which is why it is a vital protection that needs to stay in place.

Right now, the Environmental Protection Agency is working to strengthen this protection by demanding that cars get better gas mileage and emit less carbon dioxide. It will also require large power plants and factories to move forward with new clean energy technology to reduce global warming pollution.

Show your support for the EPA’s efforts to strengthen vital Clean Air Act protections.

As we all know, air pollution causes serious harm to people and wildlife.

That’s why we’re encouraging lovers of nature, wildlife (and air!) to take a moment this week to show that you ‘re a fan of clean air.

And when you are out enjoying a big breath of fresh air this week, also be sure to take out your camera and show clean air a little more love by posting a photo of yourself making a heart shape to frame the sky like the picture above.

By Kolleen Kawa, National Wildlife Federation

Published: March 31, 2010