HAPPY NEW YEAR! Eco-Schools USA 2011 Acrostic

NWF is proud to host the Eco-Schools program in the United States. When a school registers, it joins an international network of 38,000 schools and 10.5 million students in 51 nations. 

We now have 395 schools registered, with 221,550 students served. Click here to read the program’s monthly milestones in 2010, the first full year of the program in the United States.

Happy New Year from the Eco-Schools USA team!

H – Highlight your students: Share your Eco-Schools story on our Facebook page wall, and we may feature your school as a 2011 case study.
A – Academic improvement: Research shows math, science, and reading scores improve through the Eco-Schools framwork
P – Pathways to sustainability are the key: Which of the Eight Pathways will you follow in 2011?
P – Pupils are the driving force: The Eco-Schools framework enhances critical thinking and leadership skills of participating students.
Y – You: Your Eco-Action team participation helps lead the school to tremendous success—academically, behaviorally, and environmentally.

N – New schools in your district: Pledge to help one neighboring or pyramid school register in 2011.
E – Eco-Action team: Redux – Establish fresh team goals  for the New Year.
W – Water: Implement one new H2O efficiency project in your cafeteria, bathrooms, or school garden.

– Yearly progress: Have you made progress on each of the Seven Steps? If so, it is time to apply for an Eco-Schools USA award!
E – Ease your way along: The Eco-Schools framework allows your school to move at its own pace. 
Set monthly goals as you work your way toward the Green Flag award in 2011.
A – Abroad: Has your school explored the Global Dimensions Pathway? The need for global solutions to the environmental issues we face has never been more urgent.
R – Reflect:  What do your students want to tackle in 2011? Check out our sample action plans for inspiration and ideas.

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Published: December 28, 2010