Junior Ranger Rick Reporter to Interview First Lady

Michelle Obama in the White House Garden
Michelle Obama in the White House garden last fall/ Photo by Susan McElhinney

This just in: A raccoon is trying to sneak into the White House!

Ok – not really. The real Ranger Rick probably couldn’t get past security. But in his place, junior Ranger Rick magazine reporter Daniel Symons will have the honor of interviewing First Lady Michelle Obama on March 16—at the White House! Our favorite nature-loving raccoon couldn’t be happier.

11-year-old Daniel and three other kid reporters will interview Mrs. Obama about the White House garden and the Let’s Move! campaign, both part of her effort to get America’s kids to eat better, get more exercise, and have a healthier future.

Did you know that almost one in every three children in the United States is overweight or obese? Fatty foods and lack of exercise are the main culprits. Let’s Move! is doing everything it can to educate kids, parents, and community leaders about how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

You may be asking: why would a nature magazine for kids receive such a plum invitation? Because Mrs. Obama knows that one of the solutions to our kids’ unhealthy lifestyles is ending the “indoor childhood” syndrome.

Oh, you know the signs: empty playgrounds, front yards that look a little too pristine (untouched by playing children), and kids with finger cramps from too much texting!

The facts:

  • Kids are spending over 7 hours per day plugged into media—watching TV, texting, video gaming.
  • On average, kids are spending only 7 minutes per day outside playing!

Ranger Rick magazine is proud that National Wildlife Federation has joined forces with Let’s Move! to help solve this problem, specifically the Let’s Move Outside part of the campaign. Let’s Move Outside and NWF’s Be Out There campaign both give families the tools to make the outdoors part of the daily routine.

So stay tuned— after his visit, we’ll find out all the details from Daniel himself. And check out more about our Be Out There campaign, especially our work on the Moving Outdoors In Nature Act.

PS: By the way, even President Obama admits he sometimes has trouble getting his kids unplugged and outside to play.