Stink Bugs Don’t Bite, But They Sure Do Suck

There’s an old saying that house guests and fish stink after three days. Brown marmorated stink bugs, however, are the houseguests that stink right away. If you haven’t seen this invasive species in your home or garden, researchers say it’s only a matter of time.

National Wildlife Federation biologist Doug Inkley, Ph.D. has been fighting off a stink bug invasion for months now. His battles with the invasive pest are being chronicled on this blog and in the media. So far, he’s counted nearly 22,000 of them in his house…and even a few at work.

Good Morning America recently paid a visit to Dr. Inkley’s home and to the stink bugs that just won’t leave him alone.

In the video, the reporter says stink bugs smell like “cilantro on steroids.” National Wildlife Federation naturalist Dave Mizejewski might agree since he took a bite out of a stink bug taco. Fortunately, these insects don’t bite people, but many folks would agree that they sure do suck.