Why You Should Register for Hike & Seek [VIDEO]

Attention Washington, D.C., Atlanta, and New Jersey residents! This month, it’s time to connect with the nature in your neighborhood. Why should you register your family for Hike & Seek? I think this video from Seattle’s event in September says it all:


Look at the kids’ faces in that video. That’s all the reason you need. Register today! Here are the details:

Hike & Seek: The Gist

Ranger Rick at Hike and Seek Chicago
Ranger Rick sends some hikers on their way at the 2010 Chicago Hike & Seek.

What: A cross between a scavenger hunt and a hike, Hike & Seek gives kids and adults a fun morning in the great outdoors, where they can learn about local wildlife from on-site naturalists, see wildlife displays, and more!

Where & When: Atlanta and New Jersey on October 15. Washington D.C. on October 22.

Bonus: You’ll have the opportunity to raise awareness about the health impact of an indoor childhood and raise funds for vital NWF programs that help get kids back outside.