Michigan Students Say… “Yes We Can…Stop the Pipeline!”

Over 30 Michigan students from across the state jumped at the chance to go to the Keystone XL Pipeline rally and action at the White House this past weekend, November 6th.


Since the Kalamazoo Oil Spill last summer, students and community members have come together to shed light on the impacts tar sands oil spills have on the environment and the community.  The Michigan Student Sustainability Coalition (MSSC), the state-wide student network is working together with the National Wildlife Federation and other organizations to ensure that young voices in Michigan are being heard at the White House and with President Obama.

Students with Congressman John Conyers

Students across the state are working to collect 1000’s of video and photo petitions showcasing that they do not support the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Also, students will be holding teach in’s and movie screenings to help seperate the facts from the myths of the pipeline.

To get involved:

1.   Find us on Facebook at Michigan Students Against Keystone XL 

2.   Email Sarah Murphy at allaspiaggia@gmail.com who will get you linked in to the movement!

3.   Sign the No Keystone XL Pipeline Petition