Today I’ve decided to highlight a couple of cool things that schools across the country are doing to make the process of greening their schools FUN. Hopefully this list will provide some inspiration to you.

  • Students at Acton-Boxborough High School in Acton, MA got down and dirty – literally. They turned their waste audit into a party and invited State Senator Jamie Eldridge to participate. Read all about it here.
    Trash Audit
    Waste Audit Party at Acton-Boxborough High School
  • 3rd grade students at Villa Academy in Seattle, WA created a movie highlighting the ‘Littermess Monster’ who has been wreaking havoc at the school. Who is the Littermess Monster? Watch this movie to find out.
  • Villa Academy students also held a flash mob during recess to raise awareness about recycling. The students danced around and got other students to help them pick-up trash. Watch the video here.
  • Students at United High School in Armagh, PA held a Trashin’ Fashion Show. Students created outfits from recycled items and wore them down the runway. Students fashioned skirts from old CDs, vests from decks of cards, dresses from newspapers, and purses from potato chip bags. Check-out the fashions here.


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