More than 735,000 Americans Support Action to Curb Carbon Pollution [VIDEO & PHOTOS]

We asked you to speak up for polar bears, and you delivered! More than 735,000 Americans, including nearly 50,000 NWF members and supporters have sent letters to the Environmental Protection Agency in support of their proposed rule to limit carbon pollution from new power plant smokestacks.

This week, I teamed up with Ranger Rick and a polar bear to deliver the letters you sent to protect wildlife. The giant stack of boxes we delivered to the EPA in Washington, D.C. represent broad national support to curb carbon pollution (don’t worry–the boxes contained flashdrives containing copies of each comment rather than paper!).

The new proposed air pollution limits are essential for reigning in carbon pollution, which drives climate change— the number one threat to the future of wildlife.  See what EPA Deputy Administrator Bob Perciasepe has to say after the delivery: 


Also, check out our photos from the event. More can be found on Wildlife Action’s Flickr page.



Take Action Wildlife needs your voice! The comment period for this rule remains open. Take action today to protect polar bears!