Northwest Earth Institute Releases New Course, Powering A Bright Future

Northwest Earth Institute’s (NWEI) two-session course, Powering a Bright Future, explores issues related to the current energy crises, and what can be done to take action as individuals and communities interested in promoting energy sustainability.

Powering a Bright Future contains solution-based curriculum providing discourse on energy use and extraction, peak oil, fossil fuel subsidies, energy efficiency, equity, energy policy and even low carbon food tips. Authors include Lester Brown, Richard Heinberg, Amory Lovins, Sandra Steingraber, and others. This new resource can be integrated into college and university curriculum in the areas of science, economics, sustainability, environmental policy and more.

What you need to know about this new resource:

  • This mini-course can be offered as a stand alone two-session course, or used as a supplement to complement any of NWEI’s other courses.
  • Cost is $10, and this course is only available in PDF format.
  • Due to the inherent connections between climate change and energy use, NWEI is offering this new mini-course in conjunction with Global Warming: Changing CO2urse. (You can now participate in both courses for $15)

Since 1993, NWEI has been leading the curious and the motivated to take responsibility for Earth. Through discussion courses and the annual EcoChallenge, NWEI helps engage communities in meaningful conversations that lead to “Aha!” moments about the way people live, work, create and consume. Learn about other NWEI discussion courses.

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