Mother’s Day Mishaps: Perfection in Nature is Boring

My mom and I at Crater Lake
This was taken at Crater Lake just after my mom and I tripped and almost fell.
As I thought about Mother’s Day this year, I recounted the wonderful memories I have outdoors with my mom. A pattern quickly emerged. My favorite experiences involve some level of imperfection, and that’s exactly what makes them special. Here’s a few of my favorite nature moments with my mom.

The Bike Ride

We were on a family trip to Alaska and decided to take a bike ride. The mosquitoes were miserable, we were hungry and tired, but we were trying to stay positive. My brother led the pack as we approached a puddle that spanned the road. He decided we should stop, get off our bikes, and carry them through the bushes around the puddle. All of us followed, except my mom. As she rode full speed ahead we heard her say, “I think I can make it through”. Halfway through the puddle (small lake) her bike stopped and she sank. Soaked and trapped in the middle of this huge puddle, she just cracked up. We couldn’t help but join the laughter. It’s overall one of the best memories I have outdoors with my mom.

The Rose Garden

I was maybe 8 years old. My mom and I packed up for a picnic at the local rose garden. I had never been stung and was absolutely terrified of bees. When we arrived, the rose garden hummed with bees, but my mom assured me that the bees wouldn’t be interested in us. Just as we started our picnic and I began to relax, “OUCH!” my mom got stung. She played it off as though it didn’t hurt because she didn’t want to scare me, even though a welt was clearly forming. This is a favorite of mine because it was time alone, just me and my mom. It also shows how my mom always made the best of every adventure, the good and bad.

…And The Rain

I grew up in Portland, and maybe you’ve heard, it rains. A lot. Just about every camping trip I can remember involved at least one day of rain, even during the summer months. Getting wet and having to be in a tent isn’t always the best as a kid, but somehow my mom made it fun with silly songs, board games, and her positive energy. When it rains, why not splash around in the mud and make the best of it!

Outdoor adventures will rarely go as planned. I learned from my time in outdoors with my mom how to be patient, flexible and positive. Besides, perfection in nature is boring. I don’t remember the trips that went smoothly, it’s the mishaps that are special. I adore my mom’s willingness to be silly and make every adventure full of laughter, even when things go wrong. It’s filled my childhood with the best stories and memories.

Celebrate Mother’s Day:

  • Enjoy these adorable pictures of wildlife mothers with their babies.
  • Share your stories of your mom and nature in the comments below.
  • Take an adventure together!
  • Give your mom a special breakfast in bed.
My mom, my sister and I
Me, my mom and my sister enjoying one of our many outdoor adventures. Also, I don’t have an answer for why there is a tissue sitting there. My mom assures me we picked it up.