Hire a Certified Wildlife Landscaping Professional

Do you want to attract more birds, butterflies and other wildlife your garden, but don’t know where to start? National Wildlife Federation is excited to announce a brand new program designed to help you.


Two of the biggest requests we’ve seen over the years from participants in our Garden for Wildlife program are for help finding local advice on the best native plants and other landscape features that will attract wildlife, and in designing their wildlife-friendly garden so that it’s attractive and has curb appeal.

CWLP-Seal-2013We listened and designed our new Certified Wildlife Landscaping Professional program with those questions in mind. The program trains landscape designers and garden care companies in the art of creating landscapes that are not only beautiful, but that also provide the four components of wildlife habitat: food, water, cover and places to raise young.

In order to achieve certification with NWF, landscaping professionals must complete our training and demonstrate a commitment to supporting ecologically sound and wildlife-friendly methods of landscaping in their business.

Profiled on NWF’s growing searchable database of Certified Wildlife Landscaping Professionals, these pro gardeners can assist anyone—individuals, schools, businesses, and organizations—to help make our cities, towns and suburbs more beautiful and better for the wildlife that share them with us.

That makes right now the best time to start planning to create or enhance your very own wildlife garden!

Become a Wildlife Gardener with National Wildlife Federation. It’s free and you’ll get great wildlife gardening tips and learn how to certify your garden as an official habitat.