Thank you for all the actions you’ve taken to help protect wildlife! Here are some victories from 2013 that wildlife advocates like you helped make possible.

Photo by Christy Mazrimas-Ott
Photo by Christy Mazrimas-Ott

Breaking Through on Climate Change

Answering the call of wildlife advocates and the hundreds of thousands of messages coordinated by NWF and our partners, the White House released a bold new plan to address climate change. The plan directs the Environmental Protection Agency to take actions that would require reducing carbon pollution from power plants. It comes not a minute too soon for polar bears, moose and other species at-risk from the effects of our changing climate.



Photo by Joan Saba
Photo by Joan Saba

Bad Bison Bills Defeated

NWF supporters, concerned sportsmen and other like-minded conservation groups across the country joined forces to defeat a barrage of anti-bison bills sponsored by Montana lawmakers.  The bills would have blocked efforts to return wild bison to their native habitat. This victory accompanied continued progress in restoring the species, including the release of 34 bison on the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation.



Brown bear catching salmon
NWF photo by Matthias Breiter

Partner Drops Out of Dangerous Alaska Pebble Mine Project

After years of hard work , we saw a major victory in the fight to stop a massive mine proposed for Bristol Bay, Alaska.   Anglo American, one of the two companies that make up the partnership seeking to build Alaska’s Pebble mine, dropped out of the project in the face of growing public concern over the mine’s effect on wild salmon and other wildlife that depend on them.  Thanks to thousands of wildlife supporters who added their voices, we’re one monumental step closer to stopping this ill-advised mine.


Photo by John Schick
Photo by John Schick

Acres Secured for Bighorn Sheep

Thanks to successful NWF negotiations in the summer of 2013, we eliminated conflict between domestic and wild bighorn sheep by “retiring” domestic sheep grazing privileges on 12,000 acres of Montana’s Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest. This $50,000 investment will prevent domestic sheep from spreading fatal disease to two herds of bighorn.



Photo by Ronald Wooten
Photo by Ronald Wooten

Holding BP Accountable for Gulf Restoration

NWF and our supporters continued to be a lead voice for Gulf restoration, fighting  to hold BP accountable for the damage done by the 2010 Gulf oil disaster. At the close of 2013, BP was still in court fighting just how much they will have to pay for the environmental damage they inflicted, and we were on the courthouse steps, reminding people what is at stake and amplifying the latest research of ongoing wildlife impacts.



Photo by OnceandFutureLaura

Defending Endangered Orcas in Puget Sound

Thousands spoke out this year against the development of coal ports in the Pacific Northwest that would ship coal overseas to China and spew toxic pollution into the waters that endangered orcas depend on. With your help, NWF prompted Washington State to mandate an environmental review of one of the proposed ports, which could ultimately put an end to the project! To date NWF has successfully blocked three of six coal terminals, and with your help, continues to fight the remaining three.


Thank you for taking action with us in 2013!

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