Hey everyone. I’m in Sioux Falls, SD with my bike in a box (seems to have made it in one piece), my laptop and a big pile of electronics – cell phone, laptop, camera, Palm Pilot, walkie talkies. I’m plugging everything in tonight since beginning tomorrow I don’t know when I’ll see the next outlet.

I spoke to Vivian Coss, who is driving most of our gear and materials out to Iowa from Virginia with her husband, Nick. They are making good time. Georgina Price is driving the rest of our team in a minivan. They all made it by car and plane to Dubuque and Bellevue, dropped off various vehicles, and they’re all on their way to Rock Rapids! We’ll meet up at the RAGBRAI expo tomorrow where we’ll raffle off some cool NWF global warming bike jerseys and hand out information about global warming and hype our two slide shows in Spencer and Cedar Falls. Already one of the local radio stations is airing spots about it!

It’s hot and sunny and it’s supposed to be in the 90s in Iowa next week. I’m savoring my comfortable hotel bed tonight.

More after the RAGBRAI Expo in Rock Rapids, IA tomorrow!

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Published: July 20, 2007