Hey everyone! “Team NWF” is on its way to Iowa! We’re a group of 10 NWF cyclists and a couple of volunteers who are participating in RAGBRAI®–the Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa.

I’m team leader Christine Dorsey from NWF’s Montpelier, VT office. My teammates come from our offices here and in Virginia and Colorado. I’ll be posting updates on our ride each day right here on Wildlife Promise (as long as I can find wireless hot spots along the way!).

In the spirit of NWF’s “founding father,” Ding Darling, the famed Des Moines Register cartoonist who helped create NWF in 1936, we’re taking our conservation message about confronting global warming to Iowa! Find out more about our great Iowa adventure.

We’ll be talking to Iowans and other cyclists–and we’re bound to run into presidential candidates along the way. We’re going to ask them what their plan would be as president to commit the U.S. to meaningful efforts to reduce global warming pollution. I’ll let you know what they say.

By the way, we’re all offsetting our carbon emissions from travel to and from Iowa by investing in TerraPass, Carbonfund or Native Energy. And, of course, we’re using clean pedal power to get across the state. I’ve checked out the 478-mile route and all I can say is, whoever said Iowa is flat is a liar.

Check back here throughout the week. Beginning Friday (if the technology gods have mercy on me), you can read our dispatches from the road.