Already Seeing the Changes

The Washington Post reports that the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge in Maryland is already feeling the affects of climate change. Thousands of acres of wetlands have become encroached by sea water partly due to rising sea levels. These wetlands provided habitat for waterfowl, other animals, and fishes of the Chesapeake Bay.

I have fished in the Chesapeake Bay area for more than thirty years and this area holds a special place in my heart. The fate of the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge is a troubling reminder that the effects of climate change are already being seen, and not just in Maryland. Climate change is affecting habitat and wildlife populations worldwide. And if warming trends continue unabated, up to one third of the world’s species may be committed to extinction by 2050.

If we act now we can still avert the worst impacts of climate change. The actions and decisions of each of us will create the legacy we leave for our children. Isn’t it time we stood up for future generations and for wildlife and created a new energy future together? Go to to learn more about how your state could be affected and to learn what you can do.

Published: September 19, 2007