Turn the Holidays Green: Earth Friendly Gifts and Tips

To follow-up on last week’s “Green Spotlight on the Holidays, here are some additional green gift ideas you may be interested in.

Everyday the headlines reflect a change in the way Americans relate to the environment and the way they live their lives. This holiday season, green is all the rage and now is the time to show your audience exciting ways to spread holiday cheer and do something good for the planet too.

Nature Friendly Gift Ideas:

  1. Bird Houses and Feeders: These inexpensive gifts add personality to any yard and give wildlife a place to call home. Or how about a “do-it-yourself” family project like homemade edible ornaments that will make your yard look festive and feed the birds at the same time?
  2. Organic, Sustainable and Fair Trade Products: From coffee and wine to wreaths and flowers, many programs deliver “green” and environmentally friendly products to homes that will be a tasty or beautiful reminder of your holiday spirit.
  3. Magazine Subscriptions for Kids: Get the kids away from the video games with engaging magazines like NWF’s classic, award winning Ranger Rick. It’s fun and interactive just like Wild Animal Baby and Your Big Backyard for the younger kids.
  4. Experience Nature: Technology can help you experience nature. Take the new Identiflyer on a nature hike to identify the calls of 216 birds and frogs. For the less tech savvy, field guides are a traditional way to connect with nature. Both make great gifts!
  5. Recycled Products: From fashions to tableware to yard art, there is new life from what was once headed to the landfill.

Green Holiday Tips:

  1. Christmas Trees and Lights: Buy an organic, locally grown Christmas tree. Trees provide habitat for wildlife and absorb carbon dioxide while they are growing.  A better idea is buy a living tree in a pot, plant it and enjoy it for years.  New generations of affordable and stylish LED holiday lights are safe and use less energy than ever.
  2. Save Paper: Holiday cards and wrapping paper are two paper-heavy holiday traditions. Green your holiday this year by using cards and wrapping paper made out of recycled materials. Get the kids to make your own wrapping paper or cards. Have some fun and use recycled paper decorated with colorful holiday stamps, stickers or freehand designs or a personal touch.
  3. Entertaining: Make your holiday party earth-friendly by serving organic and locally produced foods.  Visit local farmer’s markets or natural grocery store for heritage breed turkeys, or really have an impact by going totally vegetarian for the holiday.
  4. Holiday Decorating: Buy an ornament and a portion of the cost goes to wildlife conservation or to plant a tree.  That’s a simple way to “green” your tree. Don’t forget about the classics like popcorn, cranberries and ginger bread men to give your tree a nature friendly, homey and nostalgic look.

Have a Green Holiday!